February 09, 2024

4 Trends to Try This February, According to Rachel Zoe

Intimidating by ever-changing trends? Don’t be! Our CURATEUR-in-Chief Rachel Zoe is a believer that fashion is art—but it should also feel fun! Try to view trends just another way to express yourself through your appearance. Take them, leave them, or adapt them in a way you’re more comfortable with. The options are endless! But if you need some help navigating them from season to season or month to month, Rachel’s here to help.

Every month we’re asking this global fashion authority to share a few of the hottest trends, as well as ways to try them out. We’re talking everything from makeup to accessories and more. First up: February! While Rachel’s picks are informed by what she’s seeing in the latest runway shows, each one can be made wearable for every day—whether you’re dressing for the office, a date night, or something in between.

Below learn the 4 trends Rachel Zoe suggests incorporating into your wardrobe this month, along with personalized picks from The Shoppe you can add to cart ASAP. Happy styling!

Mini Skirts

“Minis are going to be everywhere in spring, but you can get started wearing yours now by styling with tights and boots. This leather one would look amazing paired with a delicate knit top for contrast.”


“Blazers are a wardrobe staple and you are going to see them incorporated into street style looks this season. The easiest way to try this is with a versatile blazer you can wear with denim, dresses, or even shorts come spring.”

Frame Handbags

“This vintage shape is making a major comeback! Look for versions that come with an attachable strap so you can keep it handheld or carry it crossbody for convenience.”

Colorful Smoky Eye

“I love this twist on a traditional moody eye that uses deep browns, bronze, or burgundy. Smoke it out slightly around the rim for daytime or add more for dramatic nighttime looks.”

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