August 21, 2023

4 Timeless Jewelry Staples to Invest In

Jewelry is one of our CURATEUR-in-chief Rachel Zoe’s favorite ways to enhance a look, so it’s important that we always stock our curations and The Shoppe with plenty of styles to add to your personal collection. That said, we know not everyone is as naturally skilled at the art of accessorizing. Maybe you’ve always wanted to style with jewelry but aren’t quite sure where to start or maybe you’ve found that the pieces you already own just aren’t getting much use in your daily life. In either case, we’re here to help. By investing in a few timeless jewelry staples, you’ll expand your wardrobe exponentially—without having to worry about falling out of fashion.

Rachel believes getting dressed is a form of true personal expression, so a general rule of thumb is always to pick pieces that speak to you and bring you joy. But if you need help getting started, we want to offer you a little Jewelry Styling 101. Ahead, find the 4 pieces we believe can upgrade anyone’s wardrobe yet are totally versatile and will stay in your collection for years to come—plus a few versions of each that you can find in The Shoppe at exclusive community prices!

Charm Bracelet

We love the nostalgia of a charm bracelet, as well as its ability to personalize. Start with a chain in the metal and weight you like, then add on charms that carry a special meaning. Ettika’s Starry Charms Chain Link Bracelet in our Summer 2023 Curation is a great option because it includes two sparkling charms to get you started! The bracelet alone is valued at $45, but you can can this entire curation (a $400+ value) for under $150!




Large, small, silver, gold. The options for hoops are endless! Just look for a size and material that you think you’ll get the most out of. You can always add onto your collection from there!

Pave Amalfi Hoops

Pave Amalfi Hoops

Luv AJ

Naked Square Hoops

Naked Square II Hoops

Kendall Conrad

Kate Hoops


Pendant Necklace

Nothing flatters an open neckline like a stunning pendant necklace. That said, we also love the way a pendant looks layered over a shirt! From zodiac signs to birthstones to spiritual symbols, pendants can be so personal, so they’re a stylish way to add more of your personality to your look. Plus they look great layered!

Aurora Pendant Necklace


Virgo Zodiac Pendant

Marrin Costello

Triple Layer Necklace

Jennifer Miller

Cocktail Ring

Vintage costume jewelry can be fabulous, but if a modern interpretation of this classic ring style is better suited for you, we’ve got you covered. The most important characteristic of a good cocktail ring is its ability to make a statement. That could mean a chunky shape, a dose of color, or a ton of sparkle. If slipping it on instantly makes any outfit feel more glamorous, you’ve found the right one.

Diamond Layla Hoops

Marrin Costello

Penelope Wrap Ring

Marrin Costello

Cobra Ring

Cobra Ring

Marrin Costello

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