October 21, 2019

Whether you regard Halloween as a treat in which you get to flex your festive tendencies, or a trick that weighs on you like an inevitable, annual obligation, a fresh costume idea or two will refresh your appreciation for the black-and-orange holiday. And when dreaming up how to dress up, why not target a fashionable muse? This way when you shop for your "costume", your sartorial scores will live on long after the mini-sized candy bars are consumed. To further inspire you to ditch the plastic masks, we pulled a few stylish characters from the zeitgeist that you can emulate. All you need is a clever mix of items from Box of Style and your own closet -- then look to Amazon Prime to fill in the blanks. Happy Halloween!

Shiv Roy from Succession

The youngest child in the Roy family, and arguably the most qualified to inherit the Waystar throne, Shiv is quietly a fashion hero. Echo her effortless, private jet-set wardrobe with your statement necklace from Dannijo, the JJ Winters camel handbag, and a printed scarf, perhaps the one from your Spring 2019 Box of Style. 

Fleabag from Fleabag

Let's be honest -- we all want to be Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Seize the day on October 31st with a sleek black jumpsuit (striped tee optional), a luminous complexion courtesy of your Shani Darden Resurface Retinol Serum, and smeared mascara. Bonus points if you carry around a handheld statue of a naked woman or convince your boyfriend to fill the role of Hot Priest in vestments.

Sharon Tate from Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate marries two timeless Hollywood starlets into one. Channel Tate's iconic '60s look with a mini skirt, go-go boots and a turtleneck. Then, dip into the blowdry bar for smooth, piece-y strands and swipe on a coat of mauve pink lip gloss, like the Marc Jacobs Beauty version from the Fall 2019 Box of Style, for a flawless finishing touch.

All imagery sourced from Pinterest.