December 20, 2019

3 Pro Tips For Perfecting Your NYE Look

This New Year’s Eve is slightly different to those of past years. It’s not only the last night of 2019, but also the decade—no pressure! That means the sequined dresses and high heels won’t exactly cut it. It’s going to take some support from your carefully curated skincare arsenal and jewelry collection to get you glowing all NYE long. But don’t fret, we’ve got you covered with three foolproof tips to help you create your most memorable look yet. 

Step 1: Hydrate for glowing skin.

The key to a radiant makeup look is hydrated skin. When you’re getting ready for New Year’s Eve, reach for a moisturizer that doubles as makeup primer like the Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme+ Global Anti Aging Crème. Its creamy yet gel-like texture deeply moisturizes while simultaneously reducing fine lines, creating the perfect canvas for smooth and flawless makeup application. 

*Protip: Applying to your eyelids before your eyeshadow will ensure that it stays put without smudging—perfect for a big night out!

Step 2. Apply eyeshadow for radiant lids. 

Eyeshadow application (especially when attempting a smokey eye) can be daunting. But we are here to debunk that hesitation. Whether you want a darker look for emphasized eye color or warmer hues for a sun-kissed look, you’ll need a reliable palette with high quality pigments. We suggest the Rachel Zoe X LORAC Hollywood Glamour Mini Palette for its versatile color offerings and wearability. We’re obviously big proponents of eyeshadow and firmly believe that applying some this New Year’s Eve will complete your glow-up. 

*Protip: Applying a darker shade to your lash line will emphasize your lashes and make them appear fuller. 

Step 3: Accessorize for ultimate sparkle. 

Every memorable look needs a cherry on top. And for this New Year’s Eve, it will be a diamond necklace. Make sure whichever one you pick doesn’t overpower the rest of your outfit, but stands out enough to be eye-catching. Our favorite? AF by Andrea Fohraman’s Diamond Pendant. It layers nicely with other necklaces and it’s gold chain is perfectly in-line with current jewelry trends. 

*Protip: Add necklaces of different lengths to create a decadent look without fuss.