Billing and Shipping

When will I be billed for my membership?
When will my membership be renewed?
Does my membership auto-renew?
When does my curation ship?
When will my curation be delivered?
How much does shipping cost?
Can I use more than one payment method?
Which countries do you ship to?
Which carriers do you use?
What is Route?
How does Route work?
How does Route process refunds or reorders?
How do I file a claim for my Route protected lost, damaged, or stolen order?


What are the types of memberships CURATEUR offers?
What’s the difference between the membership types?
Can I change my membership type?
Does my monthly $20 shopping reward ever expire?
How do I cancel my membership?

Account Information

I have numerous shipping addresses in my account. Where is my curation being shipped?
How do I update my credit card?
How do I change my address?
How do I log in?
How do I upgrade my membership?


If I have the Curation Membership, how do I make selections?
What is included in my curation?
Can I add on to my curation?
Can Curation Members purchase more than one seasonal curation?
Can I purchase a curation from a past season?
If I have the CURATEUR Membership, how can I get a seasonal curation?

Returns and Exchanges

Can I exchange items in my curation?
Can I track my return?
An item in my curation arrived damaged. What do I do?
Return Policy


How can I use a promo code?
Can I use the same promo code more than once?
Can I use more than one promo code?